Why laravel 5.2 throws internal server error

why laravelĀ  5 throws internal server error ?

Error is coming due to insufficient file permission ,

justĀ  gave the folder called bootstrap and storage 777 permission,

but if you put the laravel project into a sub folder on the server.

than give the whole folder 777 permission ,

your issue will be resolved

There are two ways to give permission to these two folders :-

1- From the file properties dialogue box.

2-From the command line.

But most of the time ,when permission given by the method 1 i.e from the file properties , permission some time works and some time not so the recommend ways to give the permission is by the command line :

Step to get into command line:-

Open the putty Software

Fill the host name and click on ssh than auth than upload the .ppk file for your server and click on open and you will be on the command line.

locate to your project by cd command , let say my project in /var/www/html directory, than command will be

1-cd /var/www/html

than give permission to bootstrap and storage folder

sudo chmod -R 777 storage – hit enter

sudo chmod -R 777 bootstrap- hit enter

now you done.

Check it also

check for the documentation

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